The SRW was formed in 1986, and was originally a chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

After several years the group agreed that the financial and bureaucratic burden of remaining with RWA was too great, and the group became independent. The freedom that automony brought was much appreciated, and over the ensuing years the SRW has hosted conferences, workshops, and contests.

Technological developments have increased the activities of the group, and enabled us to retain members who have moved away from Saskatchewan. The goal of the group–to support each member’s writing aspirations–has remained constant through fluctuations of membership and changes in focus. Romance writing is no longer a requirement of membership, but the focus of the Saskatchewan Romance Writers remains fiction writing, and the goal of every member is still publication.

The SRW holds monthly meetings which can include brainstorming, critiques of work in progress, and discussion of writing problems. For more information on upcoming meeting dates and topics, please visit our calender of events.

Twice a year the SRW also meet for writing retreats, once in the spring and once in the fall. Our spring retreat focuses on uninterrupted writing time, and our fall retreat offers a more communal learning or writing experience.

Members also have access to a private blog where they share work for critique and exchange ideas, publishing news, and writing prompts.

If you’d like more information, or you have a question, take a look at our joining information. We look forward to writing with you!