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Love, Loss and Other Oddities: Tales From Saskatchewan

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Summer in the Sanatorium by Carrie Ann Schemenauer – Historical Fiction

She had every reason to detest him, but she still had to care for him.

Do Not Disturb by Karyn GoodContemporary Romance

Back for a weekend in the city where it all went wrong, Emma has reservations about everything, especially him.

Litha by Joanne BrothwellParanormal Romance

When Sam appears in human form, Litha must decide between dying to be with him and living without him.

Just A Regular Day by Anne Germaine – Contemporary Fiction

There are bad days and there are really bad days, but what matters is who you share those days with.

Bad Connection by Hayley E. LavikDark Fantasy

There’s more wrong here than just a phone number.

Kitchen Love by Annette Bower – Women’s Fiction

Betty loves Walter twice over: once today, and once through memory.

The Great Maritime Disaster by Lesley-Anne McLeodHistorical Romance

It takes a marine disaster on the prairie to bring about a long-awaited introduction.

Running Back to Saskatoon by Clare Hurst – Women’s Fiction

She’d come back to where love began, but could she stay there without him?

Room Service by Kat AubreyUrban Fantasy

Natasha is reluctant to see her ex-boyfriend again, but after she hits her head, he starts to look rather tasty.

Return of the Mahikan by S. E. BergerWomen’s Fiction

A trip to her childhood home offers a Cree woman a chance to settle more than her late father’s estate.

The Towed Float by Teri Christine – Contemporary Romance

When a big-city guy has engine trouble in the middle of nowhere, it takes a small-town girl to rescue him.

Drifting Snow by Judy McCrosky – Dark Fantasy

Calla’s future looks as bleak as a Saskatchewan winter—will she be able to escape it?

Her Delicate Condition by Doreen M. BleichContemporary Fiction

Melissa learns that she has lived all her life with a lie of her mother’s making.

The Edge of Nightfall by Joanne BrothwellParanormal Romance

It’s not a question of if Josie will be turned—it’s a question of who will turn her.

A Rustle of Silk by Jessica Eissfeldt – Historical Romance

What will you hear if you listen to the whispers of the past?

Choices by Carolynn McDougall – Suspense Fiction

She always knew that he died at the weir on her wedding day, but she never knew why—until today.

Hannah’s Journey by Hazel Milne Kellner – Women’s Fiction

Hannah embarks on her second and greatest journey to meet Lee.

Transition Power by Annette Bower – Contemporary Romance

Mona’s angels lead her from a coffee shop down an unexpected path.

The Doll by Lesley-Anne McLeodDark Fantasy

The doll on the riverbank was not there by chance.